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Free yourself from yo-yo dieting and feeling out of control with food through a unique approach to nutrition counselling with nutritionist and author Tansy Boggon.

G’day. I’m Tansy. I’m an author, university-qualified nutritionist and mindfulness blogger.

I would love to guide you in forming a peaceful and joyful relationship with food without the stress, anxiety, guilt and shame often associated with dieting and lifestyle programs.

I take an integrated mind-body approach to nutritional counselling, which goes beyond the sometimes confusing and conflicting nutrition information to uncover why your relationship with food, your eating behaviours and food choices may have become chaotic, confused or disordered.

Together, we will explore the underlying beliefs that form the foundation of your relationship with food and your body to assist you in creating new lifestyle and eating behaviours you can enjoy and sustain for life, irrespective of your weight or size.

I believe that everybody and their life circumstances are different. Thus, I do not prescribe meal plans or believe there is one way to eat that suits everybody. For this reason, I will support you in finding your own way to nourish your body, mind and soul.

If you are ready to transform your relationship with food and ditch diets forever, I’d love to support your journey.



What is Nutrition Counselling?

Nutrition counselling involves guiding individuals toward eating habits and choices to meet their nutritional needs. It is a highly individualised approach that involves exploring the client’s experiences, emotions and behaviours underlying their relationship with food.

Our Nutrition Counselling Sessions

As a nutrition counsellor, I will guide you in finding your own way to nourish your body, mind and soul, which you can enjoy and sustain long-term while acknowledging that life changes and your health and eating are not always the top priority for self-care.

My nutritional counselling sessions draw on my vast nutritional knowledge, mindfulness practice, empathy, and compassion for your unique journey.

We will work together from wherever you are in your relationship with food, no matter how disordered or shameful it may feel. You will not be judged or made to feel inadequate but met with the acceptance and presence that I believe is essential for healing.

In our nutrition counselling sessions, I can support you with the following:

  • Mindless eating
  • Eating behaviour
  • Food choices
  • Yo-yo dieting
  • Restriction
  • Expanding variety in your diet
  • Weight concerns
  • Body acceptance
  • Self-perception
  • Body trust

I’d love to support you in healing your relationship with food and your body. Let’s schedule a nutrition counselling session.

What Clients have to Say

I have tried every diet known to man in the last 25 years and didn’t think this was going to be any different…  After my first meeting with Tansy I knew this was going to work, I don’t know what it was but it just felt different to anything I had tried before. It wasn’t a diet, it wasn’t about restrictions, and it wasn’t about feeling bad for all that I had not been able to achieve since my weight gain and yo-yo dieting. It was like I had hit the refresh button.

Everything I thought I knew or had been told to be true was let go and I started fresh. It was such a freeing moment. Tansy is so easy to talk to and she has so much knowledge that she shares with you; it truly is like having a light bulb moment. Tansy makes you think about weight loss in a completely different way and for those that I have shared my current journey with, they too have started having those same light bulb moments.

I cannot thank Tansy enough for what she has done for me in such a short period of time and I look forward to continuing on with Tansy.  As I have come to understand, it isn’t the destination, it is all about the journey. Thank you Tansy.


Nutrition Counselling Client

I have spent my whole life being overweight. Over the years I have lost weight several times using the method of calorie deprivation only to put it all on again.

I first visited Tansy two weeks ago. She has taken the time to talk to me and during these discussions, I have had several “light bulb moments”. Why do I starve myself all day only to binge at night? Why can’t I go swimming because I worry what others will think of how I look in a swimming costume? Why am I still the overweight little girl frightened of being called Fatty by others?

She has made me question my beliefs about myself and I have realised it does not matter what others think of me I know I am a good person and that I need to care for myself and nurture my body.

With Tansy’s help, I have eaten well over the last two weeks only eating the foods I enjoy. Thank you, Tansy.


Nutrition Counselling Client

Looking forward to ‘listening to my body’ and you have inspired me. Thanks for a great workshop, looking forward to attending others.


Workshop Participant

Thank you, I left our session feeling totally inspired and that someone got me.


Nutrition Counselling Client
Joyful Eating Book Cover.

Joyful Eating: How to Break Free of Diets and Make Peace with Your Body

“… practical tools to help people release their sabotaging thoughts, enabling them to eat more intuitively and find joy in the moment.” — Michelle Stanton, author of The Timeless World.

Is this approach to nutrition counselling right for you?

My nutrition counselling suits those with eating concerns or disordered eating behaviours but not eating disorders. Eating disorders require the support of an interdisciplinary team that can ensure you are medically stable and eating adequately.

If you feel you have recovered from an eating disorder but want support in navigating a diet-obsessed world and eating more variety in a joyful way, I can help.

I draw on many modalities in my nutrition counselling, including eating psychology, non-diet approach, mindful eating and mindfulness.

What is Eating Psychology?

Eating psychology considers the personal, emotional, situational, societal, environmental and marketing influences that affect our food choices and eating habits. By understanding why we are eating, making the food choices we do, and how our food preferences and eating behaviours have been formed, we can adopt healthier habits and be more mindful of our eating. We can reclaim food as enjoyment and nourishment rather than as a temptation to resist or something to control.

Learn about my Joyful Eating philosophy here.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is a practice of paying attention to the eating experience through an awareness of the five senses without judgement. It facilitates being present in the moment rather than thoughts of the past or future, which can hinder tuning into the body and eating intuitively.


Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your full awareness to the moment without judgement or attachment. I have completed mindfulness training, drawing on the work of Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie.

In our sessions, we may practice mindfulness or work through the beliefs and thoughts that keep us dissatisfied with our bodies and eating.

Non-Diet Approach

The non-diet approach is a way of providing nutritional guidance and correcting nutritional deficiencies without dieting. Rather than diets that restrict calories and enforce strict diet rules to lose weight, the non-diet approach is a more intuitive way to choose when and what to eat. It considers eating behaviour and incorporates both emotional and physical health.

The non-diet approach shifts the focus from weight loss to health and changing eating and lifestyle behaviours that can be sustained for life. This approach is supported by research that shows: “patients often feel less guilt about eating, increase their enjoyment for food, become more aware of the physical signal of hunger and satiety and become less dissatisfied with their body shape and weight, plus negative feelings associated with overall appearance decrease”. [1]

About Me, Your Nutrition Counsellor

I am an author, university-qualified nutritionist, mindfulness blogger and Associate Nutritionist with The Nutrition Society of Australia (ANutr). I have spent years healing my relationship with food and then guiding others to find peace with their body and joy with food.

You can learn about my journey to doing this work in my blog, Confessions of a Raw Food Diet Escapee, and on YouTube, My Journey to Joyful Eating.

Tansy Boggon, Author, Food & Nutrition Writer, Nutritionist, Recipe Developer

Relevant Qualifications

  • Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition – Deakin University
  • Nutrition Psychology – Cadence Health 
  • Certificate in Nutrition – Cadence Health
  • Wellness Coaching Level 1 & Level 2 – Wellness Coaching Australia
  • Health Promotion Short Course – Monash University
  • Certified Raw Food Chef – Seeds of Life Bali 
  • Certified ZoneHigh Coach & Facilitator – ZoneHigh 
  • Mat Pilates Instructor – The Australian Pilates Academy 
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training – First Choice Institute of Technology QLD 
  • Graduate Certificate in Education (University Teaching) – University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Applied Environmental Science (1st Class Honours) – University of Queensland

Relevant Experience

Professional Memberships

  • The Nutrition Society of Australia
  • The Nutrition Society of New Zealand
  • New Zealand Food Writers

Schedule Your Nutrition Counselling Session

I offer private nutrition counselling via Google Meet, WhatsApp or in person for those in Christchurch, New Zealand—your preference. If you are in another time zone, this time and date converter will help you decide the best time for you.

    Joyful Eating Nutrition Counselling Pricing and Payment

    Initial Session

    75 minutes

    $120 NZD

    Follow Up Session

    60 minutes

    $85 NZD

    Six Session Pack

    (20% discount)

    $420 NZD

    If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you can pay by direct bank transfer. Email me for bank details tansyjoyfuleating@gmail.com

    Payment can be made before or after scheduling your nutrition counselling session.


    [1] Kausman R, Murphy M, O’Connor T, Schattner P. 2003. Audit of a behaviour modification program for weight management. Australian Family Physician. 31(1)

    Eckhart Tolle. 2004. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.

    Byron Katie. 2003. Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life.