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12 Comforting Vegan Soup Recipes [Free eBook]

by Tansy Boggon

In this free eBook, A Hug in a Bowl, I share my favourite simple vegan soup recipes to nourish and comfort. Most recipes are easy to make, cost-effective and based on food staples that many of us have in our kitchens—think onions, potatoes, cans of beans, frozen vegetables.

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Comforting foods

Especially in the cooler months, we can find ourselves reaching for food to provide comfort. It’s understandable. Food can warm us up, is often associated with fond, warming memories and can enhance our mood.

Unfortunately, however, some diet advocates can cause us to feel guilty for devouring a bowl of cheesy pasta or gooey hot pudding to warm and comfort ourselves.

Stop guilting yourself for comfort eating

Guilt and shame do little to sway our eating. If anything, they keep us trapped in a binge-restrict cycle.

Rather than attempt to control our eating, I advocate exploring what we truly want. It may or may not be food!

Comforting soups

The other thing is, comforting foods don’t have to mean unhealthy foods.

Comforting foods can be nourishing, as is the case with the selection of vegan soup recipes in this free downloadable eBook, A Hug in a Bowl.

Why plant-based soup recipes?

All the soup recipes in A Hug in a Bowl are plant-based, primarily because I am vegetarian.

It’s not because I believe you need to eat vegetarian but because I’ve been vegetarian my entire life—it is what I know and what comforts me.

Thus, the eBook is more of a selection of recipes that are comforting for me. I share them with you as I hope they can be the same for you. I want to gift you with A Hug in a Bowl!

A Hug in a Bowl: 12 Plant-Based Soup Recipes to Nourish and Comfort

Vegan Soups Recipe eBook Cover
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Recipes included in the A Hug in a Bowl eBook:

image tomato soup with title text
image pumpkin soup with title text
impage of minty pea soup with title text
image potato and leek soup with title text
two bowls of curried broccoli soup with title text
Cosy Corn Soup with Title Text
Tempting African Peanut Soup Image and Title
image of minestrone soup with title text
image of mexican soup with title
Ginger, Parsnip, Carrot Soup with Title Text
image of vegetable lentil soup with title text
Image of Red Lentil, Chickpea & Chilli Soup with title
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