Joyful Eating:
How To Break Free of Diets and Make Peace With Your Body

Joyful Eating Book

Are you discontent with your body? Do you worry that you enjoy food too much? Or feel like your eating is out of control? It’s likely that it’s not you or the food that is to blame, but food rules and diet mentality.

Nutritionist, Tansy Boggon, shares how aspiring for your perfect weight or optimal health can keep you trapped in a cycle of diet after diet or constantly searching for the next miracle answer to weight loss or enduring health.

Tansy guides you through self-reflection activities, assisting you to:

  • Free yourself from yo-yo dieting and emotional eating
  • Feel comfortable and content in your own skin
  • Reconnect with and trust your body’s internal cues
  • Uncover who you are without fear of not being good enough
  • Find your way to nourish your body and mind, intuitively

You will find no meal plans or guidelines in this book but a refreshing philosophy of self-acceptance and self-reflection activities to help you nourish yourself to feel your most alive and joyful self.

Tansy Boggon, Author, Food & Nutrition Writer, Nutritionist, Recipe Developer

Tansy Boggon – The Author

Tansy Boggon is a university qualified nutritionist, food writer and author who incorporates a non-dieting approach, mindful eating and eating psychology into her writing. She has worked in health and nutrition in Australia, Singapore and now Christchurch, New Zealand, where she lives. She enjoys yoga, conscious dancing, experimenting in the kitchen and outdoor adventures on foot and bike.

What people have to say about the book, Joyful Eating

Tansy has studied the nutrition and then gone beyond it to the bigger picture. The common physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that can play out in unhelpful eating patterns are brought out in the open, and you are encouraged to discover your own. Don’t worry you are not left hanging there; Joyful Eating provides plenty of techniques, templates and examples to help you start to dissolve your blocks so you can start eating in a more helpful and relaxed way. Joyful Eating provides a timely relief from all the contradictory and sensationalised information on diet and nutrition. If you’re ready to leave dieting and restrictive lifestyle changes in the past, Joyful Eating is for you.

Carla Evans
Nutritionist, Collectiv[e]lements

In an engaging and sensitive way, Tansy continually invites the reader to explore their belief that they are not perfect as they are. As an ultramarathon runner with no eating concerns, I found the book incredibly helpful in allowing me to let go of expectations and to transition from a goal setting runner to a runner who feels into the moment and runs for joy. I believe that in Joyful Eating, Tansy shares wisdom and presents extensive research and examples that are of benefit to everyone, whether they have a history of dieting, are striving for good health or any life goals.

Barry McBride
Ultramarathon Runner

In Joyful Eating, Tansy does more than debunk why diets don’t work; she shines a light on the
countless beliefs that starve people of happiness and contentment with their bodies, and themselves. She has packed Joyful Eating with practical tools to help people release their sabotaging thoughts, enabling them to eat more intuitively and find joy in the moment.

Michelle Stanton
Author of The Timeless World and Selling in the Zone

While I was reading Tansy’s book, I felt at ease. It was as if we had known each other for years, and
she was a trusted friend giving guidance and support on issues that I’d struggled with for years. After living with food addiction for 10 years and decades of abusing food and my body, reading Joyful Eating put a lot of things into perspective and made sense. Learning that somehow it is possible to enjoy food again instead of using it as a reward or punishment system will be life changing for those who read this book and take on board the stories and experiences shared. Food is used for so many reasons boredom, stress, emotional and habit. I am slowly learning that I can eat joyfully and truly make peace with what I eat and my beautiful body. Thank you, Tansy, for making your book very easy to read and absorb the information. The exercises are practical and make it easy to bring these strategies into our everyday life.

Lisa Wells
Food, Fear & Freedom with Lisa Wells

Joyful Eating is also available from most online retailers and directly from my publisher, Lulu (paperback or ePUB), which provides greater profit margins for independent authors. However, you can find Joyful Eating on Amazon (incl. Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (incl. NOOK book). Otherwise, search Tansy Boggon + Joyful Eating on your chosen book retailer’s website. Note price varies between online sellers.

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xx Tansy


Supriya Sen June 20, 2020 - 3:42 pm

Lovely! Looked through your recipes and am charmed.

Tansy Boggon June 21, 2020 - 1:04 pm

Thanks, Supriya. I’m pleased you’re enjoying what I’m sharing here 🙂

Emina February 15, 2021 - 4:47 pm

Hi there, I enjoyed reading through your post.

I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

Tansy Boggon February 15, 2021 - 10:47 pm

I’m pleased you enjoyed it, and thanks for your support.


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