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Olive’s Plate Dream

Illustration of Olive, the protagonist in the childrens book, Olive's Plate Dream

Illustration of Olive by Emma Hay of Little Boat Media. The book cover has not been revealed yet!

Olive’s Plate Dream by Tansy Boggon


Olive does not want to become olive oil, although it is health-promoting. She wants to be savoured whole rather than pressed.

Olive goes on a journey to find her place on the plate as a whole olive.

However, Olive is rejected by many vegetables due to her overpowering flavour and meaty texture. Yet, she persists with her dream.

Eventually, she meets vegetables that accept her for her whole self and acquired taste.

Together with her new food friends, Olive makes her way onto the plate in the most unexpected and delicious way.

Sample spread from Olive’s Plate Dream

Sample spread from the children's book, Olive's Plate Drea

The journey to publication

Olive’s Plate Dream will be my second published children’s book.

I have written other children’s books that I hope will also be published. However, the road to publication is a slow one. So, I am learning to be patient and enjoy the process of releasing my books.

Learn about my first children’s book, The Superheroes on Your Plate.

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