Tansy Boggon reading The Superheroes on Your Plate

The intention of my children’s books is to inspire curiosity and joy with food, without food rules or policing little people’s eating. I want to instil that eating a variety of foods can be fun while learning that not all foods are to everyone’s liking and there are many ways to eat to meet our body’s nutritional requirements.


Cover of the children's book, The Superheroes on Your Plate

Every food at the dinner table competes for the title of superhero on your plate.

Which food will claim the title?

From avocado to kiwi and around to egg and look out for brown rice! Each food is on a mission to declare themselves the winner. It may be hard to digest at times, but some have an incredibly good reason for being a true champion.

You will have to help them decide…

Combine story time with educating children about nutrition and inspiring them to eat a wider variety of wholefoods. This book aims to be a conversation starter as to what other foods children would bring to the plate as superheroes, either because they enjoy them or for health-promoting benefits. Who will be the plate superhero?

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