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"You have not failed diets, diets have failed you."

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March 24, 2020

People giving me a wide-birth on my morning walk, made me think of all the emotional ‘cracks’ that may be opening for people all around the world as we go through this time of uncertainty, anxiety and stress.

Now is not the time to aspire for perfection with your diet but to ensure you have variety and are sufficiently nourished. Take care of yourself and your family!

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'I have tried every diet known to man in the last 25 years and didn’t think this was going to be any different...  After my first meeting with Tansy I knew this was going to work, I don’t know what it was but it just felt different to anything I had tried before. It wasn’t a diet, it wasn’t about restrictions, and it wasn’t about feeling bad for all that I had not been able to achieve since my weight gain and yo-yo dieting. It was like I had hit the refresh button.


Everything I thought I knew or had been told to be true was let go and I started fresh. It was such a freeing moment. Tansy is so easy to talk to and she has so much knowledge that she shares with you; it truly is like having a light bulb moment. Tansy makes you think about weight loss in a completely different way and for those that I have shared my current journey with, they too have started having those same light bulb moments.  


I cannot thank Tansy enough for what she has done for me in such a short period of time and I look forward to continuing on with Tansy.  As I have come to understand, it isn’t the destination, it is all about the journey. Thank you Tansy.' 

'I have spent my whole life being overweight. Over the years I have lost weight several times using the method of calorie deprivation only to put it all on again.


I first visited Tansy two weeks ago. She has taken the time to talk to me and during these discussions I have had several "light bulb moments". Why do I starve myself all day only to binge at night? Why can't I go swimming because I worry what others will think of how I look in a swimming costume? Why am I still the overweight little girl frightened of being called Fatty by others?


She has made me question my beliefs about myself and I have realised it does not matter what others think of me I know I am a good person and that I need to care for myself and nurture my body.


With Tansy's help I have eaten well over the last two weeks only eating the foods I enjoy. Thank you Tansy.' 

'Looking forward to 'listening to my body' and you have inspired me. Thanks for a great workshop, looking forward to attending others.'

'It really is amazing how much better I feel as a result of attending your workshops and adopting healthier and tastier eating habits.’  

'Thank you, I left our session feeling totally inspired and that someone got me.'

Subscribe to get a free chapter from Joyful Eating: Debunk the Diet Myth
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