by Tansy Boggon
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G’day. I’m Tansy.

I’m an author, university-qualified nutritionist and mindfulness blogger inspiring you to break free from food rules and diet mentality to experience the joy of eating without overthinking, guilt or shame.

On this site, I share my books, food philosophy and recipes. Enjoy!

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Cover of the novel, The Weight of a Woman
Front cover of novel by Tansy Boggon The Tears of a Woman


Personal reflections and deep dives to help us break free from food rules and diet mentality so we can experience the joy of eating (and life) without the self-doubt, limiting beliefs, guilt or shame.

An emotional story that tackles how we can accept a childless life

In this blog, I share how I wove our story of coming to a place of accepting a life without...
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Health halo effect: how to stop it shaping your food choices and eating behaviour

The health halo effect occurs when our perception of food products leads to underestimating how much we are eating or...
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How my childlessness infuses into my novel writing

In this blog, I share how my journey as a childless, not by choice woman infuses my novel writing and...
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My Food and Body Story

Here I share an excerpt from my book Joyful Eating of my food and body story. In Joyful Eating, one...
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How Does Joy Differ From Pleasure?

Joy differs from pleasure in that pleasure is derived from an external source, while joy arises from within when we...
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Recipes to nourish and comfort with an awareness of how your body responds to the food you eat and what brings you joy and satisfaction.

Kiwifruit Salsa

A zesty salsa, delicious with BBQ meats, tempeh or salmon. Kiwifruit salsa is a quick and easy side dish that...
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Stewed Rhubarb and Raspberries

A vibrantly coloured, easy and versatile stewed rhubarb recipe that can be enjoyed with yogurt, custard or ice cream. Or...
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Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

A moist flourless chocolate beetroot brownies recipe that begs the question as to whether a food can be healthy and...
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Herb Potato Salad

A light potato salad with a satisfying creamy tanginess from the combination of olive oil, vinegar and herbs. Potato salad...
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Brown Rice Bear Recipe

Brown rice is one of the food characters in the book, The Superheroes on Your Plate, illustrated as a bear...
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