'In Joyful Eating, Tansy does more than debunk why diets don’t work; she shines a light on the countless beliefs that starve people of happiness and contentment with their bodies, and themselves. She has packed Joyful Eating with practical tools to help people release their sabotaging thoughts, enabling them to eat more intuitively and find joy in the moment.'— Michelle Stanton, author of The Timeless World and Selling in the Zone.


The blog on this site offers personal reflections and insights into our relationship with food. If you would like me to undertake research or write an article for your site or organisation please contact me


Book: Joyful Eating: How to Break Free of Diets and Make Peace with Your Body

I have written this book to help free people of the struggle of diet after diet with a refreshing philosophy of self-care and self-acceptance.

Contributor: The Wellness Report

Contributor: Balanced Living Newsletter

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