Raw Dark Chocolate Recipe

April 5, 2017

Try your hand at making raw chocolate this Easter. Try making raw chocolate with themed moulds or patty pans, and possibly enjoy chocolate making together as a family. Have a delicious Easter.




1/3 cup cacao butter

1/3 cup coconut oil

¼ cup organic raw agave nectar or organic maple syrup

½ cup raw cacao powder



  1. Finely slice the cacao butter (similar to the thickness of parmesan cheese shavings).

  2. Melt cacao butter and coconut oil in a bowl submersed in hot water. Do not allow the water to boil or to contaminate the mixture.

  3. Combine the cacao powder and chosen sweetener until smooth consistency is achieved. Adjust sweetness if necessary.

  4. Pour into dry mould or patty pans and place in fridge to set (minimum 15 minutes). Ensure moulds are thoroughly dry and handle chocolates as little as possible to preserve the gloss finish.

  5. You may want to add an edible oil such as peppermint or orange, lemon or orange rind, nuts, seeds, coconut or goji berries to the mixture. Whatever you love covered in chocolate!

Serve straight from fridge.


Cacao butter can be expensive and hard to come by but is the best way to create a firm, snappy chocolate. However, if it is inaccessible, you can use the same recipe but omit the cacao butter and use coconut oil only to create a delicious topping for slices or a crackling chocolate topping on coconut ice cream.


Agave nectar and natural sweeteners have had a bad rap in the media. Yes, they are predominately simple sugars, as is cane sugar, and therefore should be eaten in moderation with consideration of total sugar consumption. I choose agave and maple syrup for raw chocolate because they create a great texture. 

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