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Vegan Dark Chocolate Recipe

by Tansy Boggon

A vegan dark chocolate recipe that is so easy it means that chocolate is only ever a recipe away.

Since ditching my food rules, particularly the one where I’d tell myself I couldn’t have chocolate on weekdays, I feel much more relaxed around chocolate. I can have a bar of chocolate last for days in the fridge or on the kitchen benchtop when, in the past, I’d feel that I needed to eat it all. I felt I needed to get it out of the house!

As a consequence, I felt out of control around chocolate. I felt that I couldn’t trust myself around it.

I now know that my restriction and deprivation led to the uncontrollable feelings I had around chocolate.

Chocolate needn’t be a guilty pleasure

Once I let go of trying to control my consumption of chocolate and turned my attention to being mindful of every mouthful, the overeating dissipated. It’s counterintuitive, I know.

It is the attempts to control our eating that leads our eating to feel out of control.

Now, I pretty much have chocolate available in the house at all times. Or at least keep ingredients on hand for making my own or some other chocolatey dessert, such as chocolate avocado mousse or truffles.

And no matter how chocolatey the dessert or how the chocolate dessert is prepared I enjoy it without guilt.

Ingredients for vegan dark chocolate

This recipe for dark chocolate is made with four ingredients: cacao butter, coconut oil, maple syrup and cacao powder.

Cacao Butter

Cacao butter can be expensive and hard to come by. But it is the best way to create a firm, snappy chocolate.

If you can’t access it, don’t worry. You can omit the cacao butter and use coconut oil only in its place.

The main difference is it will melt at room temperature and rapidly between your fingers. However, the taste is similar.

Vegan chocolate made with coconut oil is delicious shaved on desserts, as a topping for slices or as a crunchy topping on ice cream. However, it will be best straight from the fridge.

Maple Syrup

I use maple syrup or agave nectar for my chocolate recipe because they create a smooth finish.

You could use honey. However, honey can become gritty when refrigerated.

Also, honey is not vegan. You’re welcome to use honey if you’re not vegan or you don’t mind the texture of honey.

There are mixed messages in the media about agave nectar and natural sweeteners. Some people suggest they are a healthier choice than cane sugar.

Maple syrup, honey, agave nectar and cane sugar are all simple sugars, which although not essential in a diet do provide energy and deliciousness. Simple sugars don’t need to be eliminated from the diet. It comes down to balance and not assuming that something that is ‘sugar-free’ is automatically healthier.

Ganache Filled Dark Chocolates
Ganache Filled Dark Chocolates

Have you tried making your own chocolate?

I’d love to hear what recipe you followed and how it turned out. Or let me know if you give this recipe for vegan dark chocolate a go.

Love chocolate?

Me too. I believe that chocolate is one of life’s joys!

Thus, you’ll find many other chocolate recipes on this website, such as:

Vegan Dark Chocolate

Course: Desserts & Sweet Snacks
Keyword: chocolate
Author: Tansy Boggon


  • cup cacao butter
  • cup coconut oil
  • ¼ cup maple syrup or other liquid sweetener such as rice malt or agave nectar
  • ½ cup cacao powder


  • Finely slice the cacao butter (similar to the thickness of Parmesan cheese shavings).
  • Melt cacao butter and coconut oil in a bowl submerged in hot water. Do not allow the water to boil or to contaminate the mixture as it will ruin the chocolate.
  • Combine the cacao powder and chosen sweetener until a smooth consistency is achieved. Adjust sweetness if necessary.
  • Pour into dry mould or patty pans and place in the fridge to set (minimum 15 minutes). Ensure moulds are thoroughly dry and handle chocolates as little as possible to preserve the gloss finish.
  • Serve straight from the fridge.


Flavour it!
You may want to add an edible oil such as peppermint or orange, lemon or orange rind, nuts, seeds, coconut or goji berries to the mixture. Whatever you love covered in chocolate!

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