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Do You Mindlessly Eat Throughout the Day?

by Tansy Boggon

Mindless eating seems to be a common issue in our modern society. We mindlessly eat as we rush out the door for work or school, grabbing a bite to eat to tide us over, sometimes skipping the meal altogether.

We might eat lunch at our desk or in a hurry between meetings or clients. We may snack at our desk or consume snacks simply because they are on offer in the tea room or we need the distraction from our work.

Picture this: we arrive home hungry and tired; often caring and not caring all at the same time what we eat. It’s just too hard to prepare something healthy, so we fill up on quick and easy pre-packaged food, a take-away or bland meat and steamed vegetables. We may eat late or eat distracted in front of the TV, checking Facebook or even standing in the kitchen, because we have so many chores, study, or have to get the kids to bed. We may find ourselves desiring a snack, treat or drink to relax ourselves and unwind.

Mindful eating is about breaking this cycle we can find ourselves in, by drawing our entire awareness to what and why we are eating.

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