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I believe that to create behaviour change we require more than information. Changing habits requires an appreciation of the emotional, mental and physical connections that can cause us to persist with unhealthy or self-sabotaging behaviours. I offer workshops that can be delivered in 15 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on event and time availability. Workshop titles can be modified to suit your event.


Intuitive Eating

With our busy lifestyles, it is all too easy to eat mindlessly. We may eat out of habit. We may eat because we are tempted by delicious foods. We may eat to distract ourselves from feelings of boredom or other emotions. When we eat in this way we can find ourselves drawn to foods that are convenient, comforting and perceived as indulgent, and overeat, compulsively or emotionally eat. To end this destructive cycle, we can embrace intuitive eating. We can learn to tune into our hunger and fullness cues and eat what is nourishing to our body. Put an end to overwhelm and confusion regarding how to nourish your body and learn to trust your body’s internal cues.


Mindful Eating

In our busy lifestyles taking the time for a formal meditation practice can be challenging. Yet every day you eat, and this can be an opportunity to practice mindfulness through being fully present with the experience of eating. Discover the benefits of mindful eating for digestion, stress reduction, improving productivity, and increasing pleasure of food, whilst reducing overeating, compulsive eating, guilt and shame often associated with eating. This talk will inspire you to take time away from your busy day to eat.


Why Diets Don’t Work

Discover why diets that require us to restrict calories and deprive ourselves of foods we enjoy don’t work. There is a more enjoyable and sustainable way to obtain or maintain a healthy weight without the stress, guilt and shame. This talk reinforces that there is no one diet fits all, and depending on time allotted may also address common diet myths including fad diets.

Curb the sugar cravings

Discover the impact sugar has on your body and your hunger signals, and get a better handle on how much sugar you ideally should consume in a day, and tools and strategies for reducing your sugar intake. If you have insatiable sugar cravings or use sugar as a pick me up this workshop is for you.


Mindful Eating Practice

With the above talks, there is the opportunity to incorporate a mindfulness meditation or mindful eating practice. This practice may be a 15-30 minute session involving one or both:

  • Mindfulness meditation: heighten your awareness and slip into a deeper state of relaxation and connection with your body.

  • Mindful Eating: learn how to enliven your sense when eating and notice how your body responds to the food you eat.

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