Joyful Eating Tool Kit

Tools to assist you on your journey to forming an intuitive and joyful relationship with your body and food.

Move your body in ways that make you feel energised, flexible and strong, respects your body's abilities and that you enjoy.

Recipes to relish and nurture your body and soul.

Practices to increase your awareness and dissolve limiting beliefs.

A list of music, films, books and entertainment that bring me pure joy, and I hope you too.


Nourishing Recipes

Joyful Eating Recipes

Delicious whole food recipes that won't have you feeling deprived.


Raw for Dessert

My all time favourite dessert recipe book that has been thoroughly tested!!

Recipes to Try

My Pinterest Board where I pin recipes I want to try or share with clients.

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Raw Chocolate Slices

This is a mini e-book of simple and delectable chocolate slice variations.


Mindfulness & Awareness

The Joyful Eating Guided Body Scan Meditation

​A guided body scan meditation to relax your body, quieten your mind and heighten your five-sense awareness.

The University of San Diego Centre for Mindfulness

On this site are a range of Mindful Resources including Guided Audio & Video. I particularly recommend the 25 minute body scan that can help you become more present in your body and relaxed, rather than distracted with the thoughts in your mind that contribute to stress.

 Body Scan & Mindful Meditations

I have a Pinterest Board of some of my favourite body scan and mindful meditation videos and audio.

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Pure Joy

Escape in a Novel

And may be find a little of yourself.

My Fav Spotify Playlists

Upbeat Yoga

Yoga Slow Flow

Joyful Movement

Yoga with Kassandra

This is my go to movement when I feel I need the guidance of an instructor and variety.

Kassandra provides an online experience that emulates going to a class ranging from 10-60 minutes. She teaches flowing sequences and relaxing yin yoga for the absolute beginner to the advanced yogi. I highly recommend these videos for starting a regular yoga practice.

Joyful Movement & Yoga

I have a Pinterest Board where I share some of my favourite online classes. 

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Embracing the Now and Releasing Sabotaging Thoughts

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