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Diet and health may not be your number one priority for the New Year, and that is okay!

by Tansy Boggon
Diet doesn't need to be a New Year priority

Often in the New Year, we overcommit, trying to change many aspects of our lives at once, be it health, financial or relationship-related resolutions.

However, we can only change one to two behaviours at a time to form long-term habits.

Furthermore, what you eat, or your health, may not be your top priority.

We’ve been led to believe that our weight, diet or health ought to be amongst our resolutions. However, this can cause us to force change, which doesn’t originate from within us but from external expectations. Yet, if we don’t truly and deeply want something, we are unlikely to stick to it.

So, rather than automatically putting diet or health on your list of resolutions, I encourage you to explore what behaviours, if any, you’d like to change this year. It could be forming a sleep routine, giving yourself some dedicated ‘me time’ each week, trying a new hobby or learning a new skill.

You can commit to something and show up consistently to implement it. However, I encourage you to do so without expectation or attachment to the outcome. It is keeping one eye on the end goal that can cause us to doubt ourselves and wonder if it is worth all the effort.

However, if we shift our focus to how a change makes us feel, physically, mentally and emotionally, we can use this as our measure of success and to affirm our continuation with a change.

I’d love to hear what is the number one thing you’d like to focus on this year – let me know in the comments below.

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