Welcome to Joyful Eating Nutrition in 2017

February 4, 2017

In 2016 I had little time to nurture my passion for Joyful Eating, as I was completing other endeavours. In 2016 I completed postgraduate studies in nutrition and have a far more comprehensive understanding of our digestive system and the misconceptions on healthy eating that we are exposed to in mainstream media and by self-proclaimed 'health coaches' and gurus. Through my contributions in 2016 at The Eating Issues Centre and involvement with Wellness Coaching Australia I have gained greater clarity on my professional values and nutritional philosophy, which augment the beliefs and approaches I had previously with Joyful Eating.


As 2016 came to an end I embraced what matters most to me and have let go of what does not. I ended 2016 by embarking on the next chapter of my journey exploring wellness and nutrition in Singapore. I know this journey will come with challenges and obstacles (which it already has), but also new insights and a broader perspective of how we approach our health and adopt healthier lifestyle behaviours. Through this blog I hope to share my insights and experiences, and continue to build on the philosophy of what is Joyful Eating.



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