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Savouring Every Mouthful

by Tansy Boggon
Savour Every Mouthful Mindfully

On a holiday in Koh Samui, whilst I lulled in a pool, I notice a man sitting alone with his bowl of spaghetti and wine, contently looking out over the ocean. He takes in the scenery and then a mouthful of spaghetti. He then gently puts down his fork and spoon. He sits back in his chair looking out over the ocean whilst contently chewing.

He then takes a piece of garnish from the dish and purposefully nibbles on it. Before taking another mouthful of spaghetti, he takes a sip of wine, sits back, and savours the moment. He is clearly savouring every sight, smell, taste and sound of this tranquil dining experience. He is eating mindfully with his full awareness.

How you too can embrace mindful eating:

  • eat away from distractions, preferably in an environment that is relaxing (we can’t all eat seaside, but stepping out of the office and taking in some nature in a local park, watching some birds or people in a busy street or simply plugging in some music, can create a similar effect);
  • plate up your food so your fully aware of what you are about to eat and how appealing it is; and
  • enjoy the aroma, the taste and the sensations of each and every mouthful, noting how it feels in your body.

Enjoy every mouthful, enjoy each moment.

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