Joyful Eating: Book Cover Design Release

June 5, 2019

I am super excited to have finalised the interior and cover design for my book, Joyful Eating: How to Break Free of Diets and Make Peace with Your Body, which I now share with you.

It took quite a bit of consideration to decide what the front cover should be...


Given that the book is not a diet book, and does not contain meal plans or a prescription of the right way to eat, I didn’t want an image that depicted a healthy food. Nor did I want a picture of a food that could be controversial.



Although in the book, I discuss doughnuts six times and have a section entitled, How to Consciously Eat a Doughnut, I felt that people might think I am encouraging them to eat doughnuts. The intention is not to encourage or discourage the eating of any specific foods. So, I decided against food imagery on the front cover.


I considered a cover design that depicted freedom or self-awareness given that the book is more so a philosophy of self-acceptance and self-care than diet or nutrition book. However, this could be woo-woo and look non-descript; it would be unclear what is the topic of the book. Although it is about our self-perception and beliefs, it is still a book about how this influences our relationship to food.


I asked around for advice...

Some people recommended I have a photo of myself on the front cover.


However, so many books that have an image of the author depict beauty or confidence. They give the illusion that the author has discovered the way to eternal health and beauty. Often the image is of the author standing in a power-pose—this does not align with my personality. Nor is Joyful Eating about me having all the answers but acknowledging your own unique body, preferences and journey. I am not a guru or authority. I am a guide walking beside you, to help you embrace the joy of eating and living in your body.



I reflected on the possibilities for the cover, and searched stock photos online…


And then the idea came to me, to fuse all these concepts: a photo of myself, an item of food or drink that was indistinguishable as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, and a lightness that depicts awareness, joy and contentment.


I then put my husband, an inexperienced photographer, to work taking a photo that represented the essence of Joyful Eating. He managed to take a photo that has now become the front cover—I hope you like it.




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