Honouring my future self… now

August 1, 2017

After reading the immensely enjoyable and inspiring Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, I have recently been listening to her podcast “Magic Lessons.” In this podcast, she speaks with creative individuals who require assistance in letting go of their fears that block their creative process.

Her book and these podcasts have been incredibly helpful in getting me started with this blog and committing to a regular writing practice. Although my interests are more science based, there is creativity behind sharing my philosophy on how we relate to food.


Since listening to these podcasts I am writing because I feel compelled to do so and most importantly it brings me joy. I am writing without consideration of the future consequences of my writing, letting go of fear and doubt that in the past has hindered my writing.

During one podcast Elizabeth Gilbert recommended writing from your future self to your current self about your creative pursuits. I realised that my future self wants me to write. Here is my letter to my future self.


Dear me,


You had some incredible ideas. I only wish you had lived them and allowed them to flow through you so that you could share them with the world. You didn't need to be perfect to have a perspective that could create your own sense of self-worth and help others like you. Your purpose was never to be better than anyone else, but to be you and let that shine.


No matter how you compared to others, all you could ever be is the best you, show up and give your best. You don't need to be perfect to have something to offer the world. There will be some that relate to you and others that do not. That is not the point. The point is that you found, nurtured and shared your voice.



Your future self





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