Media Release: Book Released, July 2019


JOYFUL EATING: How to Break Free of Diets and Make Peace

with Your Body


Helping people free themselves of the struggle of diet after diet with a refreshing

philosophy of  self-acceptance and self-care.



Australian author and nutrition counsellor, Tansy Boggon, knows what it’s like to be constantly searching for the ‘perfect’ diet and to be ‘sucked in’ by the next fad diet, including those that declare to be a healthy lifestyle change.


The research is clear: diets don’t work. Hence, people are looking for an alternative approach. Unfortunately, however, many of the alternative approaches are simply diets by another guise or don’t uncover what is truly holding people back from sufficiently nourishing and caring for their bodies. This is where Joyful Eating goes deeper than many how-to guides to healthy eating.


Joyful eating is not a diet book! It contains no meal plans or prescriptions for one ‘right’ way to eat. It is more so a philosophical guide to understanding our relationship with food. It explores how our relationship with food reflects how we perceive ourselves, our sense of self-worth and our emotional state. It offers a fresh approach to help people shift their perception of themselves and make peace with their bodies and food; guiding them to find their own way to nourish their body, in a way they can sustain for life.


‘Joyful Eating provides a timely relief from all the contradictory and sensationalised information on diet and nutrition. If you're ready to leave dieting and restrictive lifestyle changes in the past, Joyful Eating is for you.' — Carla Evans, Nutritionist, Collectiv[e]lements


'In Joyful Eating, Tansy does more than debunk why diets don’t work; she shines a light on the countless beliefs that starve people of happiness and contentment with their bodies, and themselves. She has packed Joyful Eating with practical tools to help people release their sabotaging thoughts, enabling them to eat more intuitively and find joy in the moment.' — Michelle Stanton, author of The Timeless World and Selling in the Zone.



Contact:                        Tansy Boggon 64 + 027 555 1607    |


Availability:                   Paperback RRP $28.50 AU and eBook RRP $11.95 now available at







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