Tansy Boggon is a nutrition counsellor and food and nutrition writer. She has worked in health and nutrition in Australia, Singapore and now Christchurch, New Zealand, where she lives. She enjoys yoga, conscious dancing, experimenting in the kitchen and outdoor adventures on foot and bike.

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"You have not failed diets; diets have failed you."

Are you discontent with your body? Ever blamed yourself for overeating? Through reading Joyful Eating, you will discover it’s not yourself that is to blame, but diets themselves.


Nutrition counsellor, Tansy Boggon, shares how aspiring for your perfect weight or optimal health keeps you trapped in a cycle of diet after diet, constantly searching for the next miracle answer to weight loss or enduring health.


Inside this book, you’ll discover a refreshing philosophy of self-acceptance. Like an understanding therapist, Tansy guides you through self-reflection activities, assisting you to:

  • Free yourself from yo-yo dieting and emotional eating

  • Feel comfortable and content in your own skin

  • Reconnect with and trust your body’s internal cues

  • Uncover who you are without fear of not being good enough

  • Find your way to nourish your body and mind, intuitively


It’s time to let go of the stress of dieting and reclaim a joyful relationship with your body and with food.


Joyful Eating provides a timely relief from all the contradictory and sensationalised information on diet and nutrition.”

—Carla Evans, Nutritionist.

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