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Trust and listen to your ‘inner nutritionist’

by Tansy Boggon

If we’ve had struggles with our weight or wellbeing, we can wonder whether there is something wrong with our bodies and distrust our body’s signals. How do we gain that back trust when we feel our bodies are broken or have betrayed us?

The decision to diet originates from the belief that we can no longer trust our bodies or ourselves to determine what to eat, and thus, we require better control of our eating or our bodies. Consequently, we place trust in the ‘experts’ or diet programs to ‘fix our bodies’, because they must know best.

However, because we approach dieting with the belief that our bodies are broken and can’t be trusted when a hurdle comes along, we are ready to call it quits, and we end up solidifying the belief that our bodies and ourselves can’t be trusted. When we don’t trust our bodies, we can find ourselves in a vicious cycle founded on this distrust, never finding the true path to contentment in our own skin.

Your Body is Not Broken

Through experience, I believe that progress comes when we take a step back and see that believing our body to be untrustworthy does not get us to where we want to be. Your body was never broken. Rather than being broken, your body has been sending you signals of its imbalances.

You may have considered your weight gain, cravings, compulsive eating, digestion or hormonal problems as issues to be fought against. These problems are really messages from your ‘inner nutritionist’ (and psychologist) telling you what foods and lifestyle choices do and don’t suit you. They are letting you know which situations, foods, people and thoughts disturb your inner peace.

Trust Your Bodies Signals

Sickness, weight gain, fatigue and digestive issues are signs that something is out of balance, not that your body is broken. They are calls to action to make changes in your life, to let go of stressful triggers, NOT to start a diet.

If the issues you experience are mild or non-life-threatening, creating lifestyle changes to reinstate balance will help your body function at its best.

So rather than thinking, ‘I need to punish and deprive my body to achieve my ideal weight and feel comfortable in my own skin’, my philosophy is to embrace movement and foods that bring you joy and make your body feel good with complete trust in your body. This shift in mindset can help you to tap into your inner nutritionist, your most trusted source of nutritional advice.

Tap into your inner nutritionist, your most trusted source of nutritional advice.

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