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Sorry, I can’t help you diet

by Tansy Boggon

Last week after a round of email ping pong with a client I explained to her that I could not support her with dieting for weight loss.

In her case at the first consultation, I suspected an under active thyroid and asked her to have it checked by her GP. Her results confirmed low thyroid function, which can be a contributor for unexplained weight gain.

Yet her weight gain is likely the result of being a chronic yo-yo dieter and restrictor. With time this restriction can lead to metabolic and cardiovascular issues, and is a likely contributor to her under active thyroid.

I had a strong desire help her, as her issues are exactly what I specialise in and am immensely passionate about. Despite the diagnosis however, she was still exploring diets in between our consults – thus the email ping pong.

She asked if she should try this diet, or that diet or some other diet. I thought, “No. No. Please No.”

Although I recommended against her going on a diet for weight loss that restricts calories and certain food groups, I understand the appeal of diets. I empathise with the frustration she has with her body. And although I would love to help her end this struggle with dieting and her body, in the end it is her choice.

So, I emailed her and explained the issues with yo-yo dieting and the importance of healing her relationship to food to establish a balanced way of eating that suits her body. I let her know that I did not endorse embarking on yet again another diet, although I would love to help her make peace with food and her body. I don’t know what she will do. This is her own journey.

I wish I could help her, and many others like her, avoid and put an end to the frustration and disappointment of dieting. However, it is only when someone is ready to try a different approach and is fed up with dieting will they be open to embracing a more intuitive approach to eating.

I send all my love and acceptance to those who embark on a caloric restriction diet, and wish for you to one day find contentment in your body and joy in eating.

With my unconditional love,


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