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Poem: She is

by Tansy Boggon

Where did she come from?

How did she get here?

She is not who you want to be seen with.

How will people look at you?

What will they think?

That she has let herself go?

That she has no self-respect?

That she has no self-discipline?

Yet you know this is untrue.

You know with intimate detail her daily struggle.

You bear witness to the thoughts—that constant barrage in her mind.

Thoughts that have become obsessive of what to eat and when to eat.

Thoughts that she needs more self-control.

Thoughts that she is not good enough.

Yet if you look hard and deep you can see her pain.

You can see, she needs your acceptance.

She needs to be listened to, not ignored.

She needs to be respected, not restricted.

She needs to be nurtured, not controlled.

She needs your unconditional love.

She is, the only body you have.

She is, the body that enables you to live your life.

Embrace her.

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