I'm overjoyed that you've stopped by to learn some more about me and Joyful Eating.  It is my deepest hope that through my work I can help you relax your eating rules and learn to listen to and trust your own body. I believe that eating shouldn't be confusing, stressful, anxiety-provoking or a source of guilt and shame, but that nourishing your body can be an absolute joy. If you're sick attempting to control your eating or restricting and depriving yourself to fail yet again another diet, you're in the right place. If you're ready to explore another way of care for yourself, without a focus on your weight, you're in the right place. 

About Me, Tansy

I am a nutrition counsellor, food and nutrition writer and university qualified nutritionist with a passion for inspiring people to enjoy eating to nourish their body and for the pure pleasure of it—because I believe that eating is one of life's joys.

I believe that feeding ourselves shouldn't be about deprivation, counting calories, portion control, which I believe do more to sabotage our health and happiness. It is my belief, through personal experience, exploration of the scientific literature and working with clients that when we relax our diet rules and focus on the experience of eating, we can nourish our bodies in an intuitive and joyful way.

Associate Nutritionist - ANutr (The Nutrition Society of Australia), BAppSc(Hons), GCertHumNutr

My aim, through my writing and workshops, is to demystify diet and nutrition myths, dispel confusion and anxiety often associated with eating. I want to promote a  joyful attitude towards food, irrespective of a persons weight or size — because these aren't accurate measures of health and happiness anyway!


I have experience providing one-on-one and group coaching, workshops, writing food and nutrition articles and recipe development. I incorporate a non-dieting approach, intuitive eating, mindful eating, eating psychology, a passion for cooking and a love of eating into my work. You can find me sipping a latte, drooling over cookbooks, tapping away at my laptop or chopping veggies in the kitchen — all are joys to me!​

About Joyful Eating

The Philosophy of Joyful Eating, as written in the book, Joyful Eating:


The philosophy of Joyful Eating involves ditching the diet mentality. It involves eating without restriction or deprivation, and without the guilt and shame that may follow. It allows you to release the stress of dieting and attempting to control your body.

Joyful Eating requires you to draw your full awareness to the experience of eating. It’s surrendering completely to the appearance, smell, taste, and sensation of food as you eat, without labelling the food as healthy or unhealthy, fattening or naughty. It involves recognising that the meaning you might ascribe to the food you eat is not reality. The food you eat does not define who you are or your self-worth.

When you embrace Joyful Eating, you realise that your use of food as a comfort or distraction, or something to provide self-love, is not a personal failing. It’s the reliance on diets that perpetuates discontentment in your body, and erodes trust in your body and yourself around food. The thing is, there is nothing you need to do or accomplish to be worthy of self-love and acceptance, just as you are.

Joyful Eating involves recognising your body’s cues that it’s hungry, as distinguished from food labels, eating rules, habitual or emotional reasons for eating. It involves an awareness of how your body feels in response to the food you eat, while recognising that there is no perfect way to nourish your body and mind. Instead, Joyful Eating enables you to spontaneously make food choices that you require to feel good: physically, mentally and emotionally.

When you embrace Joyful Eating, you can appreciate that food provides pleasure and nourishment, and that there are other ways to cope with your emotions without food. You recognise that embracing the joy of eating and your sense of aliveness is your highest priority in each moment… without having to change a thing.

Work with Me

Nutrition Counselling

Allow me to guide you in forming a joyful relationship with food and your body, with a truly integrated mind-body approach to nutritional counselling. We'll explore the underlying beliefs that form the foundation of your relationship with food and your body to assist you in creating new lifestyle behaviours you can enjoy and sustain for life, irrespective of your weight or size. I believe that everybody and their life circumstances are different and thus do not prescribe to meal plans or believe there is one way to eat that suits everybody. I employ techniques to enable you to discover a way of eating that suits your body and lifestyle. If you are ready to transform your relationship with food and your body, and ditch diets forever, I'd love to support you in your journey.


I offer private nutrition counselling via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype.


I love writing. I love the feeling of tapping away at my keyboard. I love being able to express myself  with more consideration and reflection than is possible face-to-face. Hey, I love writing so much and am so committed to helping people free themselves of diets that I write for the joy of it! I write a regular blog here on this site and share some of my tried and tested recipes.


However, to spread the message of Joyful Eating and to inspire creativity in the kitchen, I write on other platforms. I write a weekly recipe with an associated nutrition message for New World stores in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have also had work published on various wellness websites such as The Wellness Report, Yoga Journal Singapore (now Yogahood Online), Balanced Living Asia and on some blogs.


I'd like to write more. So, if you'd like a guest post or are looking for a regular contributor to your magazine, newsletter or other written medium get in touch.  contact me


I believe that to create behaviour change we require more than information. Changing habits requires an appreciation of the emotional, mental and physical connections that can cause us to persist with unhealthy or self-sabotaging behaviours. I offer workshops that can be delivered in 15 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on event and time availability. Workshop titles can be modified to suit your event.


Intuitive Eating

With our busy lifestyles, it is all too easy to eat mindlessly. We may eat out of habit. We may eat because we are tempted by delicious foods. We may eat to distract ourselves from feelings of boredom or other emotions. When we eat in this way we can find ourselves drawn to foods that are convenient,  comforting and perceived as indulgent, and overeat, compulsively or emotionally eat. To end this destructive cycle, we can embrace intuitive eating. We can learn to tune into our hunger and fullness cues and eat what is nourishing to our body. Put an end to overwhelm and confusion regarding how to nourish your body and learn to trust your body’s internal cues.


Mindful Eating


In our busy lifestyles taking the time for a formal meditation practice can be challenging. Yet every day you eat, and this can be an opportunity to practice mindfulness through being fully present with the experience of eating. Discover the benefits of mindful eating for digestion, stress reduction, improving productivity, and increasing pleasure of food, while reducing overeating, compulsive eating, guilt and shame often associated with eating. This workshop will inspire you to take time out of a busy day to eat.

Why Diets Don’t Work

Discover why diets, whether those that require us to restrict calories and deprive ourselves of foods we enjoy or those that declare to be a lifestyle change don’t work. Taking care of your body doesn't have to be dependent on weight loss. You can take steps to care for yourself, irrespective of your weight and without any expectation or desire for weight loss.

In this workshop, I will reinforce that there is no one diet fits all, and how each individual can forge their own way of eating that suits their body, preferences, beliefs and lifestyle. Depending on the time allotted may also address common diet myths including fad diets and/or a cooking demonstration.


Mindful Eating Practice

With the above workshops, there is the opportunity to incorporate a mindfulness meditation or mindful eating practice. This practice maybe a 15-30 minute session involving one or both:

  • Mindfulness meditation: heighten your awareness and slip into a deeper state of relaxation and connection with your body.

  • Mindful Eating: learn how to enliven your sense when eating and notice how your body responds to the food you eat.

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